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The below testimonials were gathered either directly from families or from an independent review company (Senior Advisor) and can be verified directly on their website. The ones without names listed were anonymous. We did not correct/change any of the reviews so please overlook the spelling/grammatical errors as they are word for word.

  • My loved one is doing well since her move to the Genisis Manor III. The place is clean and everyone is very friendly, we have no complaints so far. I would recommend this place to anyone looking into it.

  • HAve found them to be prompt and responsive in keeping us informed.  Barbi J

  • We are pleased with the home and the caretakers that work there.

  • Impressed with her medical background and the caregiver personal attention to each resident. House does not have newer furnishings but was clean and well kept. There is only one caregiver, however the owners go over every day and they own another home a couple blocks away, so if the caregiver needed help there are people close by.

  • Very pleasant and clean. Large areas. Afraid it is out of our budget at this time. Gerry said she would come to meet Mom and talk to her before if we thought that would be helpful.

  • My Mom only stayed there for only a few days and then she passed away. The care and the caregivers were very good. She needed a lot of attention. She lived in the home on Amethyst St., Rancho Cucamonga.

  • My Mom only stayed there for only a few days and then she passed away. The care and the caregivers were very good. She needed a lot of attention. She lived in the home on Amethyst St., Rancho Cucamonga.


My mom has been a resident of this facility for almost four years. The staff is wonderful and the place is always clean.If I could say three things I love about the facility it would be: 1) The owners are all Registered Nurses so they know what to look for to keep patients healthy. 2) They work closely with the doctor to make sure the patients’ needs are met. 3) If ever I had a complaint or problem it was taken care of in a professional and timely manner. Thanks for all you do.    Ben Sykes 6/6/2017

Clean and safe surroundings. Caretakers seem patient and genuinely concerned about their charges. Supervised by very competent medical staff with outside services readily available. Spiritual needs also met. Very happy that mom is here. L.M.C. 7/15/2014

The overall experience with the Genesis manor, I find it very worthy of the value for care services received. I would rate everything very highly. The only issue that we have had so far is with the activities. 11/14/2015

The staff at the Genesis Manor V always has my mom bathed with clean clothes and her hair brushed when I visit. I visit her several times a week and take her out for meals, they feed her and treat her well. If she requests a cookie they give her a cookie, though she always seems to be hungry when I pick her up? She has not had any food complaints. The staff is teaching her things like how to set a table and working with her. They change her bedding everyday. The value is the only thing I had marked lower, I feel like the cost is a little high, not where I’d like it to be, but I am happy with the care they provide. There was just one incident with one staff member handling of a comment my mom made that caused slight concern, but after talking with the staff member there hasn’t been any issue. My mom has good people to interact with at Genesis. My dad is at Heritage Park, which when I asked him to rate the Heritage Park on a scale of 1 to 5 he gave them a 3. He has more care needs then my mom, but she seems happier with Genesis Manor than he is with Heritage Park. In the Health Care industry I have had to teach myself how to be an advocate for my parents. It has been a learning experience and there is a lot I am still learning. I keep a log of my parents daily activities and medications and pain or symptons so I have information when it comes to making medical decisions for them. This has helped in so many regards, especially when getting them tested for something they have already been treated for. I have been able to assist the doctors in diagnoses for them because of my log. Eddie C. 5/22/2013

We as a family could not praise Gerry Markie and her team enough! Our father age 83 suffered from congenital heart disease. He entered Genesis VI after our mother passed away. He was apprehensive in leaving his home but understood that he was unable to care for himself. Upon arrival he was immediately welcomed by Gerry and her amazing staff, her care workers, Josie, Eric, Boy and Letty. The home setting was much easier for my father to adapt to as he had spent many weeks in various nursing homes recovering and they seemed understaffed and uncaring. Genesis VI was always clean, and there was a minimum of 2 workers (sometimes more) to a maximum 6 patients. They cooked very healthy meals paying attention to all of their residents needs. Helping to cut up their food or feed if needed. They helped to bathe and dress. Laundry was done nightly and my father’s clothes were always laid out for him. They accompanied my father on walks and made sure he got out for fresh air and sunshine. The activities centered on the abilities of the residents and our father made good friends with them as well as the staff. The staff was always helpful in getting my father ready to go, whether it was to the doctors or just a family outing. Gerry Markie was instrumental in handling the mountain of paperwork involved with the Assisted Living Waiver Program that was a great financial help. She strictly monitored my father and his medical needs. We never felt uncomfortable with our father living there. They gave my father 24 hour superb care! Mensen/Kuegler/Palmer Family  3/19/14