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Financial Options

There are many options a senior has when they can no longer care for themselves or need assistance in some way. There are large assisted living facilities, in home care services, skilled nursing facilities, and small assisted living facilities. Among all these choices small assisted living facilities are generally the least costly while still providing excellent care in terms of staff to resident ratio. Please give us a call and we will discuss individual rates. Listed below are some programs available to help with the costs of assisted living.

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Veterans Benefits

VA Aid & Attendance is a tax-free benefit available to those who served in the military and their surviving spouses. It is available to them under certain conditions one of those being that they are currently in an assisted living facility. This amount paid out varies based on whether it is the veteran or the surviving spouse who is receiving the benefit


  • 90 days active service with one day during war-time
  • 65 years of age or older
  • Cannot have a dishonorable discharge
  • Surviving spouse must have been married to the veteran at their death
  • Needs assistance with an activity of daily living
  • Must meet income/asset criteria


We work with a number of companies and individuals who can assist our families with receiving this benefit.

Assisted Living Medi-Cal Program

We are part of a special government program that allows us to care for Medi-Cal residents. If on Medi-Cal your elderly loved one can apply to this program and once accepted we can provide care to them. Once accepted the person or responsible party pays around $1,000 per month, the rest is paid for by the government.


This Medi-Cal program provides for assisted living, care coordination and other specified benefits provided to eligible seniors and persons with disabilities. This program was enacted to offer those on Medi-Cal an opportunity to live and receive eldercare in an assisted living facility as opposed to a skilled nursing facility.


We are one of a few small assisted living facilities on this program and were admitted due to our length of time in business, good state evaluations, and the fact that we have a registered nurse on staff full time.